Patient Testimonials

  • Thank you for referring me to FYZICAL because I feel more secure at home and out and about. The team is great and professional. They lifted my spirits about life. 


  • Thank you for referring me to FYZICAL because the team here are very skilled, therapeutic, and pleasant. They identified my balance issues and instructed me on procedures to correct my problems. I won’t hesitate to recommend them.


  • Thank you for referring me to FYZICAL because it is most helpful to have good balance as I am aging. I appreciate the positive attitude of the instructors as progress is being made, large and small.


  • Thank you for referring me to FYZICAL because it has been a great experience! The physical therapy has been so successful and the girls are terrific. Again, thank you for the referral, but then you’ve always made good decisions for me.


  • Thank you for referring me to FYZICAL because they are a good group to work with – they explain, are patient and understanding. Goals are challenged each time to make us work harder. 


  • Thank you for referring me to FYZICAL because I’ve been through this process twice and am pleased with the progress I have noticed each time.


  • Thank you for referring me to FYZICAL because I feel as time has gone on I have improved as far as my balance is concerned. They are so friendly and helpful. Recommend them highly.


  • Thank you for referring me to FYZICAL because the staff has helped me with I have improved very much. I have no vertigo now thanks to their help and by following my homework. Thank you for referring me here. Lovely staff – everyone is kind and helpful.


  • Thank you for referring me to FYZICAL because I am now able to go about my and go about my life without the fear of not having to worry about bladder leakage. I felt hopeless and helpless that I would never be the same after childbirth. I thought I was going to have to give up my fail activities – things that I love, exercise, running, and dancing due to bladder leakage. Because of Dr. Mallory, that is no longer an issue. Thank you so much!! 


  • I had been treated for my rib pain by other medical professionals with no resolution until the laser treatment when my pain went from a 7/10 to 2/10 in just one treatment!

    Shawn M.

  • After dealing with shoulder pain for months, I decided to try the laser treatments offered at Fyzical. The staff there did a great job explaining how the treatments were done, as well as the benefits. The treatments were painless, and after six treatments, I am pain-free. I am so happy that I chose laser treatments over surgery or pain medications.

    Chris F.

  • In only two deep laser therapy treatment sessions, I found relief for my back pain that had been affecting all aspects of my daily life for weeks and had been treated by other medical professionals.

    Jill K.

  • They’re awesome! There is no other way to describe it. I could barely walk without being dizzy when I first started. Even though I still have a long way to go, I would not even have hope without Fyzical.

    Bonita D.

  • I’m living proof that they are the best. I had a severe concussion and could barely even walk without help. They were able to not only get me to where I can get around, but I am happy to say that I am actually back to work now something that in the beginning even the neurologists didn’t think could happen. They are in my mind nothing short of angels because they have given me my life back.

    Tanner G.

  • Very friendly staff, wonderful to finally get some help.

    Lori O.

  • State of the art equipment to help determine therapeutic treatment administered by friendly, helpful & professional staff ~ Urbandale has an awesome Physical Therapy & Fitness clinic in Fyzical. Best of luck to you & congratulations on your grand opening!

    Janel L.

  • During the day, I could not look straight up without tipping over. I had been to various doctors with no success so I just assumed this was my new normal. So for the past 4 months I avoided certain things because of vertigo – floor exercises at the gym, laying down on my left side, sitting up too fast, reaching for something on a high shelf, even watering the hanging plants. Two weeks ago, that all changed with the help of Fyzical. I can’t say enough good things about Fyzical and Sarah (my hero). There is no better place to treat vertigo than Fyzical! #soverythankful #highlyrecommend #vertigonomore

    Stacey W.

  • Jill was awesome. She helped so much with confidence and balance. The staff is super friendly. It was always a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Jill is very patient and knowledgeable. I recommend this place 100 percent.

    Melissia A.

  • These guys get ten stars. Professional and friendly staff that are at the top of their game. Jill, Michaela, and Sarah are the absolute best and have been my life savers. They have brought me so far it’s unbelievable. I highly recommend for vertigo or any balance problems. There is no place better !! Thank you ladies for getting me this far already !!!

    Cindy B.

  • These people are wonderful! I’m already seeing improvement in my balance! They helped my mom through her dizziness issues & helped my niece after her motorcycle accident. I know they know what they are doing!

    Amanda F.

  • We love Jill. She has helped me so much!!

    Aimee K.

  • My experience with the therapist was very positive. Jill is driven to make sure the treatment is relevant and progressive. And, they make it most enjoyable. She is work oriented and personal. I highly recommend FYZICAL for guaranteed progress with whatever treatment you may need.

    Sandra H.